Our environmental responsibility

Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP e and Condiments in step with a Sustainable Future.




Our commitment in terms of environmental sustainability stems from the awareness that Sustainability must come from each of us, from collective participation, from the strength of believing that what we do, although a drop in the ocean, can trigger a virtuous process capable of making a difference.

This commitment takes the form of promoting activities in the short, medium and long term aimed at creating a responsible interaction with the environment while preserving the protection of the natural balance, with the people and the community.

For this reason and to make our commitment official, we are thrilled to announce that Carandini has recently published its second Sustainability Report.

Discover Carandini Sustanaibility Goals
1. Environment 2. Social 3. Governance
Clean water and Sanitation

Since 2015, Carandini has been running a state-of-the-art biological purification system designed to treat residual water generated from in-house processing. With the addition of natural products (such as calcium bicarbonate) to improve the breakdown of polluted water as it enters the purification process, muddy residues are obtained and then repurposed as by-products, transferred to a biomass processing plant for further utilization.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Reducing the consumption of energy sources and shifting towards renewables is deemed crucial to mitigate environmental impact. Carandini has initiated a project to implement a photovoltaic system, aiming to significantly reduce its environmental footprint by generating internal energy supplies, thereby reducing dependence on external energy sources.

100% of the purchased electricity comes from renewable sources, and are fully GO-GSE certified. Carandini maintains a Scope 2 status (Co2 emitted from purchased electricity) of zero.

Sustainability: From Waste to Resource

In 2015, Carandini adopted a cutting-edge biological purification system that biologically treats residual water from internal processing, with the aim of  minimizing the impact of its production waste on the environment and,  where possible, transforming it in resources. With the addition of natural products (i.e. calcium bicarbonate) which enhance the biological digestion of the polluted water entering the 
purification process, we obtain:

Climate Action

Carandini is working on the concept of business continuity, focusing on growth, continuous training, and the integration of new company profiles to facilitate development. To better quantify its emissions -both direct and indirect- and to implement effective climate strategies, Carandini has introduced its first Corporate Carbon Footprint.

105 hours

of staff training were dedicated  to topics related to sustainability


Life on Land

In pursuit of waste reduction, Carandini has partnered with ZEROZEROTONER, a company specializing in the shredding and recovery of used consumables collected nationwide in Italy. Through various collection requests, Carandini has earned the privilege of replanting 9 trees, courtesy of the PRINT RELEAF service.




Responsible Consumption and Production

A project to optimize the circularity of the production cycle is currently underway, starting with the reduction of waste through careful management of processed raw materials and by-products.

The glass bottles are made with recycled materials and are themselves recyclable. Pallets purchased within the CHEP system, are loaded and transported across the supply chain. Upon reaching their destination, these pallets are returned to the CHEP system for reuse.

Stefano Bellei, CEO

Carandini has always believed that sustainability should originate from each of us, from collective participation, from the strength of believing that what we do, although a drop in the ocean, can trigger a virtuous process capable of making a difference.

OurEnvironmental sustainability report